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Purifier Air Cleansing Machine

Kills viruses, bacteria, fungal spores & microorganisms
in cars using Ozone generation.

Purifier Air Cleansing Machine
£299.00 + VAT
P/No. : ac29170

Give your vehicles the Purifier treatment and use Ozone to kill viruses, germs and eliminate bad
odours in the vehicle.

An ideal option to clean and prepare minibuses, coaches, vans, specialised vehicles, mobile workshops, taxis, cars, or in fact any small office or building where air con has been operating and is used by multiple people.

The Purifier runs for approximately 30 minutes in the cabin and purifies the air.

You can either offer this as an additional chargeable service or give it free as once purchased uses NO consumables to purify the air.

What is Ozone?

Ozone consists of three contiguous oxygen atoms, therefore referred to as O3, while oxygen (O2) has two contiguous atoms.

Why does the air from vents sometimes smell bad?

Moist air condenses on the outer surfaces of the evaporator. Most of the water is drained, but some remains. When the air conditioning is off, dark, humid and warm the area behind the dashboard is an ideal breeding environment for moulds and bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, reminiscent of “old socks”.

As mould matures, it emits spores, which bind bacteria, pollen and others particles that break off to bind the flow of air into your nostrils and lungs while breathing.

How the Purifier Works

Purifier uses the power of ozone to eliminate bad smells, smoke, mildew, bacteria and allergens. It creates ozone using short wave ultra violet inside a chamber within the machine. Ozone is one of the most powerful and effective eliminators of tobacco smoke and many other contaminants, including odours from pets, rodents, moulds, mildew, fast foods, cooking and other sources.

Eliminating these hazards provides a healthier, more comfortable living environment in the car, van, truck, tractor, caravan or boat. If you've already tried ultrasonic misters, you'll like Purifier much more. Treating a vehicle takes just 30 minutes.

  • No consumables, so more profit on each job
  • No chemicals or REACH compliance to worry about
  • Leaves a medically safer in-car environment
  • Kills bacteria, destroys mould spores
  • Eliminates bad smells and odours, smoke and smokey residues
  • Leaves a refreshed interior
  • Variable electronic timer control with LCD and auto shut off
  • Machine is off when you re-enter treatment area

Operating Instructions

Mobile Application

Have vehicle parked with the engine running. Set the ventilation system recirculation mode and fan speed to high. Typical car treatment is 20-30 minutes. For more problematic odours or larger vehicles, additional treatment time will be required.

Stationary Application

Cover all vents and openings to ensure ozone remains within enclosed space. If a fan is available to circulate air, operate at full speed. Typical room treatment time depends on contamination level and size of room. A minimum of one hour is recommended.


Place the unit on a flat surface with the LCD screen facing up. Ensure there is space at both ends for unhindered suction and delivery of air.


110-240V AC adapter or 12V adapter. When using the AC adapter for a vehicle, leave the window slightly ajar to pass the cable through.

Programmable Timer

Select the treatment time on the LCD screen using the arrow buttons. The timer sets in 10 minute intervals up to 90 minutes, followed by 30 minutes intervals up to a maximum treatment time of 10 hours. Once the treatment time has been selected, press the ON button to start the unit. The green LED will turn on. Leave the treatment area.

Completed Treatment

Green LED will turn off 10 minutes after the treatment time has elapsed. Ventilate thoroughly before re-entering the treated area.