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Beissbarth Electronic Headlight Aligners

Electronic and Analog Headlight Testers

User-guided, fast and reliable

Between analog and digital devices are the electronic headlight testers. The optical valuation via the test screen as well as with the photodiode enable a correct evaluation.

The electronic headlight tester with new photodiode technology allows for testing of all headlight systems. LCD display and operation panel guide the user through the procedure. Electronic headlight testers are suited for testing and and justing of all light sources and usable for all types of headlights.

Beissbarth MLD615 Headlight AlignerBeissbarth MLD615 Headlight Aligner

MLD615 - Electronic Measurement and Adjustment

Photodiod Technology:

The Beissbarth MLD 615 is a photodiode headlight tester for reliable monitoring and the test procedure is user-guided with visual and acoustic signals. The accuracy of MLD 615 at the headlight adjustment is achieved by the quality system elements:

Light-sensitive diodes allow a clear and precise analysis through optimized software. Laser-visor for accurate alignment of the light box to the vehicle helps in the absence of distinctive chassis points, and explicit even in poor light conditions. Cross laser for the alignment of the light box to the headlight projection unit or the lamp (especially helpful for LED and xenon)

  • User-guided with visual and acoustic signals
  • Real-time results thanks to photo diodes and micro controllers
  • Reliable thanks to laser technology

Download the MLD615 Brochure

MLD110 - Mercedes Benz

Beissbarth MLD110 Headlight AlignerBeissbarth MLD110 Headlight Aligner

Beissbarth is, with the MLD 110, the TÜV-certified supplier of headlight testers for Mercedes-Benz workshops. The homologated headlight testing system MLD 110 was specifically designed for the requirements of Mercedes-Benz workshops.

The developed solution is able to test all types of headlights and light sources. The attachable LED1 color filter for the light box enables the perfect testing of LED headlights by separating the disturbing blue verge in the area of the cut-off line. The 7-meter roll-on markers (for trucks: 9 m) and the leveled rail system for the headlight tester complement the system, defined by Mercedes-Benz.

  • 7-meter roll-on markers (9m Truck)
  • Color filter for LED headlights
  • Leveled rail system
  • TÜV certified

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