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Eeprom Programming Tools

Desoldering Kit for IC Removal
Only £349.00 + VAT
P/No. : zeddesol

Desoldering Kit for IC Removal

This hot air station enables Eeproms to be removed from circuit boards and then resoldered.

An essential tool.

The pack comes complete with:

  • Hot Air Gun
  • Soldering Iron
  • Extraction System
  • A Range of Essential Accessories
Stereo Microscope
Only £475.00 + VAT
P/No. : microscopekit

Stereo Microscope

The HM-2RL is an economically priced stereo microscope. The objective turret contains two pairs of objectives and the magnification is changed by rotating the turret.

The system is supplied with a high intensity LED ringlight that provides homogenous shadow free illumination.

A necessity for any Auto locksmith carrying out repair, rework or component replacement on micro-electronic devices.

Please also see theĀ Zed-Prog Eeprom Reader