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Dama HDM6.0T/SBH 2 Post Lift

Dama HDM6.0T/SBH 2 Post Lift

Dama HDM6.0T/SBH 2 Post Lift

This large LCV lift has 6t lifting capacity making it ideal for many large vans and light trucks, such as Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco & Ford.

This lift is offered at an amazingly low purchase price, making it an easy choice for many LCV & commercial workshops.

An ideal service lift with baseless design, ideal where equipment needs to be manoeuvred beneath the lift. This lift has an inner height of 4500mm and a capacity of 6 tonne, giving full flexibility of vehicles from 4x4’s and large vans to small trucks.

Comes complete with 3 stage long arms with an 1800mm length.

Price includes delivery and installation.

P/No. : hdm60tsbh
Currently Unavailable


  • 6 tonne capacity
  • Floor installation
  • 2 cylinder and chain drive
  • Synchronisation steel rope
  • Electromagnetic lowering valve
  • Electrical lock release
  • Electrical safety devices for balancing cables and maximum height
  • 4 x three-stage arms


Technical Specification

Maximum Lifting Weight 6000Kg
Lifting Time 60 seconds
Power Source 400V/3ph/50Hz/5.9A/3W .
Warranty 14 Months


Dama HDM5.0T/SBH 2 Post Lift

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