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Ravaglioli 2 Post Lift

Ravaglioli 2 Post Lift

  • Used Ravaglioli KPH370-55LIKT 2-Post Baseless 5.5-Ton Vehicle Lift/Ramp
  • 5.500Kg Lifting Capacity
  • This lift was supplied and fitted at a customers but removed as payment was not completed. It has been erected and dismantled and been used for one month, it therefore has some installation marks, scuffs and marks from being stored and transported.
  • The lift comes with the remainder of the 12 month warranty.
  • This Ravaglioli electro-hydraulic two-post baseless lift model has four long, two-stage arms allowing easier loading for cars and vans, providing a more suitable choice for medium-sized and 4-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Some of the main features of the RAV KPH 370.55LIKT include
  • Minimum Lift Pad Height -125 mm
  • Four extra long 3 stage arms ideal for long wheel base vans like sprinter, crafter etc.
  • Drop-in Lift Pad Extensions - For quick changing of drop in lifting pad height extensions
  • 4850mm high, 3540 mm wide, 3000mm between posts, 2040mm lifting height
  • Maintenance-free Lifting Cylinder - In each column
  • Synchronization Cables - Ensuring the levelling of the two carriages
  • Automatic Engagement Safety Latch - Provides maximum security when the lift is in a standing position
  • Conical Self-locking Design - Allowing the arm to lock during the lifting of a load and automatic unlocking when the arms reach the floor level
  • Maximum Load Capacity - 5500 Kg
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