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FlashMap ECU Remapping

FlashMap ECU Remapping
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FlashMap ECU Remapping

FlashMap ECU remapping is a great new business opportunity, being an ideal service to offer alongside key programming, diagnostic services and motor repairs. It will bring new customers, extra revenue and increased profit to your business.

It offers exceptional profit opportunities, a payback scenario of only one vehicle a week for 4 months and an opportunity to recover the full investment cost from us free of charge.

  • Market leading Italian product
  • Huge demand for remapping service
  • Take 1 hour from start to finish
  • Guided diagnostic system
  • Easy to carry out
  • Full tech support service
  • Excellent profit opportunities
  • Great results and customer satisfaction

Advantages to your customer


FlashMap ECU remapping allows your customers to unlock the potential in their vehicle.

  • More power and torque
  • Sharper acceleration
  • All within the reliability and safety parameters of the engine

Having a FlashMap ECU remap designed especially for economy allows you to benefit from the following results.

  • Maximise the engine efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Improve drivability
Electronic Vehicle Adaption and Repair

Whilst having a FlashMap ECU optimization carried out many vehicle faults can be electronically adapted or repaired.

  • Top speed limiter introduced
  • Top speed limiter removed or altered
  • Fault warning light extinguished
  • Electronic exclusion of control systems

FlashMap - Leader in the ECU remapping field

FlashMap ECU Remapping

The success of FlashMap is the result of matching two important aspects of the business.

  • The very best quality bespoke ECU remapping files.
  • The speed and quality of our service and technical support.

Together, these two elements have created a brand that leads the field in ECU remapping.

Our network of dealers continues to expand in the UK with the aim to achieve national coverage in the coming years. In Italy, the continuous expansion has resulted in a network of 700 high quality dealers offering market leading services.

FlashMap is an ideal product for all types of automotive specialists, whether you are a Independent Garage, Car Dealership, Diagnostic Specialist, Auto Electrician or Programming Specialist. If you want to offer a high quality product with an increasing market demand, that will satisfy your customers' requirements and guarantees the best reliability in the market, FlashMap is the product for you.

With a minimal investment, excellent payback scenarios and outstanding profit opportunities, FlashMap can make a significant difference to your business success. Our dedicated team of specialists are there to meet your needs.

Become a FlashMap Dealer

If you would like to discuss becoming a FlashMap dealer, complete our online request form and one of our specialist FlashMap sales team will contact you.

Book an appointment and demonstrate the fantastic opportunities in becoming a FlashMap dealer for your area.

Click here or contact our FlashMap sales team on 01823 328590. 

Download the FlashMap brochure here.

Safe, Reliable, Fast and Easy To Use

  • OBD2
  • Touch Screen
  • No Battery
  • European, Asian and North American Vehicles
  • 12V or 24V

This direct service allows us:

  • Exceptionally fast download speed, service and file turnaround .
  • Short term payback scenarios enable you to create excellent business and outstanding revenue .
  • Allows you to work with peace of mind as all of our services are fully guaranteed.
  • All remap files sent by our technical team have been fully tested on our rolling road, giving you the confidence that FlashMap can certify that the remap achieves the maximum optimisation whilst ensuring that the vital parameters of the ECU are not exceeded.

With a telephone line direct to our technical team you can rely on getting an excellent service. The FlashMap team are committed to responding to your every need in the shortest period possible. You will speak directly with our technical support team who are in constant contact with the engineers at the research and development center in Turin.

FlashMap ECU Remapping

Bespoke ECU Files adapted on an individual basis by our team of expert technicians to suit the specific needs and requirements of your customer.

FlashMap can optimise all engine types:

  • Car
  • LCV
  • Truck
  • Motorhome
  • Bus
  • Motorbike
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Marine engines

The FlashMap team of engineers constantly work to add the files for the latest engines and vehicle types, allowing you to offer your customers the most comprehensive list of applications.

With the easier FlashMap system it has never been safer to remap a vehicles engine ECU. The touch screen is easy to use and the software is intuitive to follow. Where necessary, a full set of optional cables are available.

FlashMap Pricing

The recommended retail prices to carry out a FlashMap ECU optimisation on your customers vehicles varies from as little as £179 inc VAT and rises depending on the engine performance and vehicle type.

FlashMap files are very competitive in the market costing as little as £50 to the FlashMap dealer and offer bespoke/tailor made files instead of standard generic files offered by many other competitors.

The cost of becoming a FlashMap dealer is exceptionally low and has a rapid payback opportunity, in fact the profit from just 10 remaps can cover your initial investment.

Even more exciting is that with our introductory special offer we can demonstrate that the cost of becoming a FlashMap dealer, including the equipment, will cost you nothing as long as you can remap just one vehicle a month for 3 years.   Just 36 cars over 3 years.

To capitalize on this introductory special offer act quickly and contact or sales team now.

Click here or contact our FlashMap sales team on 01823 328590. 

Download the FlashMap brochure here.

FlashMap Boot

FlashMap Boot

Approximately 15% of applications cannot be completed via OBD2, therefore the engine ECU needs to be removed and read via FlashMap Boot. Alternatively, the ECU can be returned to us for a next day service. The FlashMap Boot expands the opportunities with JTAG communications often used in Asian vehicles and the most recent applications. It has integrated what was previously supported with BDM and BOOT mode including the following microprocessors:

  • Motorola MPC5xx (BDM mode)
  • Motorola MC68xxx (BDM mode)
  • Motorola MPC55xx (JTAG mode)
  • Renesas SH705x (AUD/BOOT mode)
  • Mitsubishi MH72xx/82xx (BOOT mode)
  • Infineon Tricore (BOOT mode)
  • Motorola HC12 (BDM mode)
  • Renesas M32R (BOOT mode)
  • ST Microelectronics ST1 0xxx (BOOT mode)

FlashMap Boot Features

  • Automatic vehicle recognition
  • Automatic back-up of the original ECU
  • Automatic checksum calculation
  • Use to reprogram 'anti-tuning' engines
  • The most complete solution for Asian vehicles
  • Return all parameters to original factory settings as required

Become a Premier Dealer

Become a Premier Dealer with the additional purchase of the FlashMap Boot.  With the purchase of a FlashMap Boot you have a near 100% vehicle coverage and the ability to do all vehicles the same day.

Furthermore it is also possible to offer your services to other FlashMap dealers where you act as a hub for vehicles and ECU’s that need the FlashMap boot to complete the work.

If you would like to discuss becoming a FlashMap Premier dealer, complete our online request form and one of our specialist FlashMap sales team will contact you. Book an appointment and demonstrate the fantastic opportunities in becoming a FlashMap Premier dealer for your area.    

Click here or contact our FlashMap sales team on 01823 328590. 

Download the FlashMap brochure here.

Technical Assistance

Our highly qualified engineers are ready to answer all your enquiries on the technical support hot line. They are ready and prepared to solve your technical problems, alleviate your concerns and answer your questions. It is critical to us that we work with you to exceed you expectations and ensure you feel supported in every way.

We don't just offer a product, we offer a top quality service including, assistance, problem solving, availability and commitment.


Download the FlashMap brochure here.