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Fast Copy Plus

Fast Copy Plus

Fast Copy Plus

Fast Copy Plus is a cloning tool for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide variety of transponders. The guided procedures shown on the device’s display make the cloning of a vehicle key easy and ensure reliable results.

Fast Copy Plus is the Silca transponder programming solution: accurate, very user friendly and reliable.

Fast Copy Plus is the exclusive device decoding and copying in stand-alone mode the following transponders:

  • Philips® Crypto ID40, ID41, ID42, ID4W and ID45;
  • Philips® Crypto 2 ID46;
  • Texas® Crypto ID4D;
  • Texas® Crypto 2 ID6F;
  • Texas® Crypto 3 ID6A;
  • Megamos® Crypto ID48-A and ID48-K;
  • Texas® fixed code ID4C;
  • Temic®, Philips® and Megamos® fixed code transponders;
  • Copying keys Holden® Commodore type 1 and 2.

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  • Identification: Detects if keys are equipped with Transponders or not, identifying the type. Can also identify different types of Crypto Transponders.
  • Reading: Reads and displays alphanumerical fixed code transponders.
  • Copying and Writing: Can quickly copy and write fixed and crypto Transponder types. Texas® fixed and crypto transponder types as well as Philips® Crypto II can be copied onto Silca MH electronic keys. For Philips® Crypto II transponders (ID46 Solution): data acquisition by using the original car key jointly with the “Silca Snoop”. Rapid process: only 2 key data logging operations required.
  • Archive: An unlimited number of transponder codes can be archived using Personal Computer and Silca Transponder Program.
  • Display: Guarantees excellent visibility, being crystal and retro illuminated.
  • Keyboard: Allows the user to interact with the machine quickly and easily; at any given time the keys are enabled only for the cycle in progress.
  • Portable: Power supply through cigarette lighter wire.
  • Antenna: Powerful, designed to read all types of transponders.

Technical Data

  • Power supply: Machine: 15Vdc - 10W
  • Universal power provider: 100/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz 15 Vdc - 3A
  • Antenna field frequencies: 125 KHz
  • Dimensions: Length: 245 mm (9.64”), Width: 160 mm (6.3”), Height: 80 mm (3.15”)
  • Weight: 0,6 Kg


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Silca Transponder Starter Kit

Silca Transponder Starter Kit

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