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Diagnostic Technical Support

Diagnostic Technical Support

In an industry where technology is fluid and developing at a startling rate, staying in-tune with the latest systems and technologies is vital. With manufacturers developing more and more vehicle systems designed to hinder aftermarket repairs, now it is more critical than ever to have access to the correct technical information and knowledge.

Despite experience or qualifications, it is impossible to know every answer. The key is to pool together information and knowledge from many verified sources to allow you confidently solve these problem cases.

Diagnostic Technical Support

Accessing the Technical Support Hotline through Auto Frontal gives you access to 14 fully qualified Master Technicians from varying backgrounds within the industry, ensuring that there is a specialist available to help problem solve and repair those troublesome vehicles.

With access to hundreds of sources of OE Level information, whether information on a fault code, possible fixes, component location or wiring diagram, we can assist you to repair the vehicle.

Available in both PC and Mobile form, Auto Frontal Technical Support Hotline can be used around the workshop, in the office or even at the side of the road, as long as you have an internet connection you are only a couple of clicks away from Master Technician support. Technical Support Cases can be supported by attached documents and images and may contain multiple messages and replies within one thread. The thread will only be closed once the query is solved.

Customer Retention

Keeping all work in house is a vital part of retaining return customers and business. Each time you turn a problem vehicle away or refer them to a specialist it is not only that job that is lost but you also increase the likelihood that that customer will not return for other work.

With the assistance of Auto Frontal Technical Hotline, we can help you keep all of the these jobs in house but give you the confidence that you can solve the troublesome vehicles.

Diagnostic Technical Support

How to Access Auto Frontal Technical Hotline?

The Auto Frontal Technical Hotline is built into the Auto Frontal software. Any Auto Frontal user has access to the Technical Hotline. Cases can be prepaid for and can be purchased in blocks of 5, meaning each case only costs £30.

Software renewals due on your Diagnostic Equipment? Renew you software subscription for your, Texa, Delphi or Bosch units with us and receive 5 Technical support cases free of charge.

Auto Frontal Technical Support Packages

Auto Frontal PLUS 5 Support Cases

  • 12 Month Auto Frontal Subscription
  • 5 Technical Support Hotline Cases
£499.00 + VAT
P/No. : autofrontal_techpack

Auto Frontal Master Pack

  • 12 Month Auto Frontal Subscription
  • 5 Technical Support Hotline Cases
  • 12 Month Haynes Pro Ultimate Subscription
£1095.00 + VAT
P/No. : autofrontal_complete

3 Year Auto Frontal Master Pack

  • 36 Month Auto Frontal Subscription
  • 15 Technical Support Hotline Cases
  • 36 Month Haynes Pro Ultimate Subscription
£3150.00 + VAT
P/No. : autofrontal_complete3
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