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Jaguar and Land Rover IDS / SDD VCI Device

Jaguar and Land Rover IDS / SDD VCI Device
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P/No. : davina2534

Jaguar and Land Rover IDS / SDD VCI Device


  • JLR approved device
  • Allows connection to the vehicle using JLR SDD/IDS diagnostic software
  • Covers CAN, ISO9141, SCP Vehicle Networks
  • BEST Suited for Legacy, Current and Future Vehicles
  • 12ft USB Cable as standard included
  • Easy to update for new vehicle and model years via PC (PC application and cable included)

The DA-VINA 2534 connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (Diagnostic) connector, it then connects to the laptop via a USB cable for use with SDD/IDS. Once the J2534 DLL files are loaded, this product will allow normal operation with JLR SDD/IDS Diagnostic Tool. All communication is possible on with this device.

How does the DA-Dongle operate in J2534 mode?

The DA-VINA is simple and easy to use.

  • Download the latest J2534 DLL software files from the Diagnostic Associates web site and install these on the SDD/IDS Laptop.
  • Connect the J2534 device to the vehicle OBDII connector (the device powers from the vehicle).
  • Connect the 12ft USB cable to the DA-VINA and the other end to the SDD/IDS Laptop
  • The (PWR) LED will turn solid red to show the DA-Dongle is powered.
  • During communication with the vehicle the Status (STS) LED will flash green.

How does the DA-Dongle get updated for future software updates?

The DA-VINA can be updated simply and easily by connecting the DA-VINA to a laptop/PC via the USB cable that is provided with each DA-VINA.

A PC software update application is available to download below. This application once downloaded and launched will be responsible for identifying what version of software is on the device, and whether a new version is available for update.

By connecting the device to the PC when the software update application is running, the application will read the device and connect over the internet to determine if an updated software is available and download this to the device if a newer version exists. This process takes approximately 3 minutes to complete. The device will then be updated and ready to be used on the vehicle.

Jaguar and Land Rover IDS / SDD VCI Device


VINA 2534 Users Manual

DA Software Update Tool

The DA Software Update Tool is a PC based application that is installed to allow you to check for software updates to your DA Dongle and DA-VINA 2534 devices. The PC that this application is installed on needs to be connected to the internet to allow software updates to be downloaded automatically to your DA device.

DA Software Update Tool

Please Note

After installation of the DA Software Update Tool you need to connect your DA device to your PC via the USB cable BEFORE you run the DA Software Update Tool for the first time. This is necessary to complete the device driver installation.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP2 & SP3
  • Windows Vista SP1
  • Windows 7