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Codex Lite Eeprom Programming Kit

Codex Lite Eeprom Programming Kit
£695.00 + VAT
P/No. : codexlite

Codex Lite Eeprom Programming Kit

The CodeX Lite has been introduced to provide a user friendly, economical eeprom / microprocessor tool, to suit the needs of locksmiths, diagnostic specialists and auto electricians who want to be able to cover modern electrical and immobiliser systems in more depth.

With modern vehicles utilising more and more complicated electronics the modern technician needs to be able to investigate electronic systems in greater depth than ever before. This often involves being able to read and write EEPROMs.

For the Auto Locksmith

Codex Lite is a top quality PC based eepromming program that is a perfect partner to work alongside your Advanced Diagnostic or IEA programming equipment, if you want to extend your key programming services into EEPROM programming.

This programmer and PC software enables users to read the eeprom file from the ECU or immobiliser system and save it to the PC program. These files can be imported into the Zed-FULL, Cyclone, Miraclone, Tango or other transponder writing equipment and uses the built in software to read the security pincode and prepare a transponder ready to start the vehicle.

Professional Auto Locksmiths that understand EEPROM programming can also use the Codex Lite to edit eeprom files and write transponder details directly into the EEPROM dump, creating the new key data required.

For the Automotive Diagnostic Specialist

For Garages, as opposed to locksmiths, the kit offers the ability to recode many used Engine Control Units, Body Control Modules and Airbag Modules rather than having to buy an expensive new unit when you suspect that a component is at fault.

In many situations once you have fitted a new component and turned on the ignition, it is locked to that particular vehicle, and if it does not cure the problem, you are stuck with the new item. Having the ability to rewrite EEPROM will enable you to reuse these items.

Used along with Codex Decrypt where you have access to over 5000 new EEPROM files makes the package a powerful tool for the skilled diagnostic technician.

Codex Lite Kit Contents

The Codex Lite kit comes with a comprehensive range of eeprom adapters to fit all styles of eeproms used in Automotive applications. In addition, the kit comes with many adapters that will enable eeproms to be read in-circuit, therefore reducing the need to desolder from the boards. The Codex Lite system connects to your PC via USB, with the software able to be loaded to multiple computers.

Kit Includes :

  • TMS 370 Adapter
  • Motorola HC912—9S12 Adapter
  • Programmer
  • EEPROM 93CXX, 24CXX, 25XXX, M35080
  • Motorola MC68HC11P2+MC68HC11PH8-PLCC84
  • Motorola MC68HC08AS-PLCC52
  • Motorola MC68HC11KA2/4+MC68HC11KS-PLCC68
  • Motorola MC68HC(9)08-QFP64
  • Motorola MC68HC11F1-PLCC68
  • Motorola MC68HC05H12-PLCC52
  • Motorola MC68HC11K-PLCC84
  • Motorola MC68HC11A8/E1/E9/E20+MC68HC11EA9-PLCC52
  • Motorola MC68HC11KA2/4+MC68HC11PA8-QFP64
  • Motorola MC68HC11K-QFP80
  • Programmer to hook, or solder cable. In circuit reading.
  • Motorola MC68HC11A8/E1/E9/E20-QFP64
  • Motorola MC68HC05B4/B6/B8/B16/B32 + MC68HC705B16/B32-PLCC52
  • Motorola MC68HC(7)05E6-SOIC28
  • Motorola MC68HC05B4/B6/B8/B16/B32 + MC68HC(7)05X16/X32-QFP64
  • Motorola MC68HC(9)12B32-MC68HC(9)12D60(A)-QFP80
  • Motorola MC68HC11F1-QFP80
  • Motorola MC68HC11L6-PLCC68
  • 8 Pin SOIC Clip & Cable

Codex Manual

Codex Decrypt Upgrade

Upgrading your Codex Lite to a full Decrypt Software Package gives you the files necessary to rewrite EPROMs with known information. The package includes more than 5000 files enabling you to virginise various ECUs, BSIs, Control modules and immobilisers enabling a repair to be carried out. It also enables second hand components to be virginised and used instead of purchasing new and expensive control modules. Importantly the decrypt upgrade includes an in-depth manual and access to 12 months technical support by the manufacturers, which is invaluable when carrying out complex electronics work on sophisticated vehicle systems. This tech support package can be renewed annually.

  • 5000+ Eeprom files
  • Virginising BSI & BCM
  • Virginising ECU & Immobilsers
  • Immobiliser Bypass
  • Air Bag Crash Data Removal
  • 100+ Page Manual
  • 12 Months Tech Support
£750.00 + VAT
P/No. : codexupgrade