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The AD37 GM / Opel Pincode Reader

GM / Opel Pincode Reader

The AD37 GM / Opel Pincode Reader

When carrying out key programming, ECU and dashboard replacement, the independent aftermarket always struggles when the system is protected by a security pincode.

The AD100Pro and MVPPro will read or bypass many pincodes using the "onboard" software, however on some vehicles this is not possible.

The AD37 Pin Code Reader expands your abilities by reading the pin code out of the immobiliser on GM / Opel vehicles.

Only £319.00 + VAT
P/No. : ad37

Vehicles Covered

Model Year
Astra 1995-2001
Calibra 1995-1998
Combo 1998-2002
Corsa 1995-1998
Frontera 1995-1998
Omega 1995-1998
Sintra 1997-1998
Tigra 1995-1998
Vectra 1995-1998


For the AD37 program and manual, please visit the Advanced Diagnostics website here.. Advanced Diagnostics


Windows 32 bit AD37 Driver for XP

Windows 32 bit AD37 Driver for 98/ME